Accident Reconstruction

Specializes in Accident Reconstruction as a routine part of the overall fact finding and fact gathering phase required in a an Accident or Incident Investigation. Reconstruction combined with Expert Analysis then lead to determination of the root cause of the accident or incident.

Expert Analysis

Specializes in analyzing the facts, circumstances, and conditions surrounding an accident or incident to determine the root cause be it a mechanical failure, an operational failure and/or simply a human factor. Once the root cause is determined recommendations and/or prevention strategies can be developed to prevent future accidents or incidents.

Expert Witness

Routinely employed as an Expert to analyze the facts, circumstances, and conditions of an accident or incident, write an Expert Report, and testify in depositions and trials as an Expert Witness.


Specializes in Aircraft Accident Investigation Training beginning with the basics of ICAO, NTSB, and FAA Regulations and how your organization interacts with these agencies during the on-site and follow-up investigation.  Training then focuses on advanced investigation techniques and data collection including site diagramming/analysis, site photography, aircraft reconstruction/analysis, structures & properties of materials, physical metallurgy, failure analysis/failure mode identification of aircraft and turbine engine components, aircraft system investigations, aircraft composite investigations, in-flight breakup investigations, mid-air collision investigations, power plant investigations, and in-flight/post impact fire investigations.  Mr. Minn has conducted training for owners/operators/manufactures and regulators both domestic and international. International customers have included DGAC of Spain, DGAC of Turkey, German Defense Forces, South African Civil Aviation Authority, USAF Tech Services in Germany and Korea, and the US Army Europe.